Transco Inc.
Through our two
operating subsidiaries; Transco Products Inc. and Transco Railway Products Inc., Transco provides solutions to customers in the railroad and electric utility industries.
Transco Products Inc.

Transco Products Inc. supplies products and services to enhance the efficiency and safety of power and process facilities worldwide.  Transco Products’ metal reflective insulation is the recognized standard for thermal insulation on piping and equipment in nuclear power plants.

Safety systems offered by Transco Products include: passive fire barrier systems such as penetration sealing products and raceway fire barriers; control room habitability products and services for the power generation and process industries; and emergency core cooling system strainers and radiation shielding systems for the nuclear power market.

Transco Products’ new line of carbon fiber structural reinforcement products can address the problem of deteriorated concrete or steel structures in operating power and process plants.

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